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"The Name of the Generation of the Break" presents Algimantas Šlapikas

Date: 2 March 2017 00:00 - 14 May 2017 00:00

Kaunas Picture Gallery, K. Donelaičio St. 16, Kaunas

"The Name of the Generation of the Break" presents  Algimantas Šlapikas exhibition.

Algimantas Šlapikas (b. 1963) has acquired the sculptor profession at the State Institute of Art (now the Academy of Fine Arts) in 1986. At that time sculpture, especially monumental, occupied a special place in Lithuanian art and society.

As the political and cultural situation was changing, the need for sculptural monuments began to decline, it has become an object of art and installation.

Algimantas Šlapikas is one of the last mohicans, who studied sculpture as harmony of thought, shape, plastics and aesthetics. Mastery is one of the main sculptural features for the whole artist‘s generation. "I can make a sculpture of any material" - says the artist.

In almost three decades A. Šlapikas has mastered the features characteristic only of him. The sculptor makes large-format works of art. One of them – The Daily Express received in 2010 the commission award The Best Artwork of the Year.

Another feature of the sculptor's works is playfulness and interactivity. It makes you want to  touch it, due to such communication the viewer acquires a genuine perception of sculpture.

Thematically, A. Šlapikas‘ works are related to nostalgia, affection to home and personal things. Even global, public concepts gain a personalized character.

The exhibition presents Bench created of wood and metal, which was also awarded  The Best Artwork of the Year in 2000. The sculpture was shown in the exhibition The Break Generation  and its Teachers. Small format works created in 2010 – 2012 are made of stone. The present exhibition illustrates the variety of materials and sizes of works, demonstrates the  interactivity of sculptures.

Curator of the exhibition cycle "The Name of the Generation of the Break" Kristina Civinskienė.


Exhibition works:  02 03 2017–14 05 2017