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The retrospective exhibition "Man creating fantasy worlds" by the British artist Steven Vincent Mitchell

Date: 20 May 2017 00:00 - 11 September 2017 00:00


Devils Museum, V. Putvinskio St. 64, Kaunas

The retrospective exhibition Man creating fantasy worlds by the British artist Steven Vincent Mitchell.

The British artist’s Steven Vincent Mitchell creative biography started in 1987. Knowing how to professionally manage drawing he entered the world of art as a tattooist, later he began to realize the limited possibilities working with the human body and felt a need to try his hand at a different, new level of expression. Painting became sort of support, stimulus and a healing tool, which led and so far leads the artist to internal self-healing process. The artist has created a unique technique areography spraying paint on large paper planes.

Images resulting in pictures take one’s breath away, are shocking, scary, and sometimes leads to close your eyes. One can sense balancing on the verge, when thinking and self-expression demonstrates that one is dependent on a different society - rebelious, informal, subcultural.

The artist's works show stripped, worn-out, eroticized body which responds to sharpened and all-pervasive sights of today's society. In order to directly affect the audience, the artist often creates an integral installation whole.

Since 2008 Mitchell has been actively involved in the artistic life, he had his solo exhibitions in Great Britain, the Netherlands, a large part of his works have been acquired by private collectors from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, the United States. Nowadays, Steven Vincent Mitchell lives and works in Lithuania.


Exhibition works: 20 05 2017–11 09 2017