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The exhibition "The geometry of things. Art Deco in Kaunas interiors "

Date: 14 December 2017 00:00 - 31 December 2018 00:00


A. and P. Galaunė House, Vydūno Ave. 2, Kaunas

The exhibition "The geometry of things. Art Deco in Kaunas interiors ".

It is not by chance that this exhibition is opened in the house of the first director of the M.K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art Paulius Galaunė and his wife opera singer Adelė Galaunienė. Engineer and architect Arnas Funkas designed it in the spirit of modern aesthetics. Built 85 years ago, the house had survived the unfavourable Soviet nationalization, preserved the authenticity of exterior and interior spaces.

For the first time, visitors are invited to admire spaces of the restored building and the exhibits creating the atmosphere of the interwar Kaunas interiors, which antiquarian Gintautas Mekonis kindly agreed to lend for the exhibition.

The exhibition displays authentic pieces of furniture, interior decorations used by Kaunas people, ornaments and accessories typical of Art Deco stylistics, and characterize the interior fashion of the interwar Kaunas. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see a restored furniture set that belonged to sculptors and graphic artists Jadvyga Mozūraitė-Klemkienė and her husband Vytautas Klemka, a stitched woven carpet by Antanas Tamošaitis (the 1930s), furniture sets which until now have retained woven tapestries of that time, with folk ornamentation typical of the period. The exhibition presents a large part of everyday life things used by the urban dwellers, often imported from the Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, and Poland. The exhibition also shows the works of the representatives of fine arts – Stasys Ušinskas, Adomas Galdikas, Kazys Šimonis, Marcė Katiliūtė and others. New and contemporary forms and stories of the period, stylisation emphasize the essence of the exhibition presenting the geometrised daily life.


Exhibition works: 14 12 2017–31 12 2018