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"Once again about Drobė: who constructed and who destroyed?"

Date: 3 February 2018 00:00 - 31 March 2018 00:00


Picture Gallery, K. Donelaičio St. 16, Kaunas

The exhibition The Great Industry invites visitors to visit the renewed exposition Once again about Drobė: who constructed and who destroyed?

The exhibition The Great Industry resumes tiny stories that have passed out of sight in the fractions of destroyed factories and certain systems.

There were the former employees of the factory Drobė who have decided to supplement the exhibition. They willingly shared their memories, objects and emotions.

Short but sensitive stories of the pre-war factory became a genuine surprise as they continue to explore the issue of the loss and the ability to survive.

Coats and suits made at the factory were lent by the Museum of Clothes. Its founder Mikhail, known by the nickname Icarus, has been collecting clothes and accessories of the Lithuanian production since 2009, and wears items of his collection himself.

The attraction of the exhibition became the popular music plates produced at the Kaunas household chemistry factory Saga. While photographs by Antanas Zinkevičius and films still unshown bring in light poetry to the The Great Industry.

We thank the co-authors of the exhibition: Vytautas Gailius, Danutė Janišytė, Romualda Upstienė and all the employees of Drobė, Inga Stepukonienė and Algimantas Daugirdas for sharing the story of the whole family, the Museum of Clothes and the photographer Antanas Zinkevičius.



Exhibition works: 03 02 2018–31 03 2018