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The exhibition of embroidered carpets and graphic works by Audronė Petrašiūnaitė

Date: 22 November 2018 00:00 - 13 January 2019 00:00


Picture Gallery, K. Donelaičio St. 16, Kaunas


The exhibition of embroidered carpets and graphic works by Audronė Petrašiūnaitė.

Cycles  "Home of a Body", "Snowy Time" and "Giddiness of Amy Winehouse".

In her childhood, the artist was fascinated with a single-threaded (blue or red) embroidered mats on a white background. It was like an attempt to color dull life and overcome boredom. Over time, the hobby was forgotten and A. Petrašiūnaitė has devoted herself to painting. But after seeing pattern cuts by H. Matisse, the artist began to search for linear plastics. She remembered the mats seen in the childhood. Initially she worked on a black woolen fabrics. Gradually, was created a cycle of embroidered carpets, some of them were abstract, others featured motifs of flowers or animals.

A. Petrašiūnaitė’s first graphic works appeared in 1998, mostly monotypes, later she took up linocuts. This techniques allowed the artist to fully enjoy the line of beauty, to disclose the relationship between print and paper. "It was like an adventure with a piece of paper, sorcery, when you do not know what's going to be and sometimes you get surprised. This amazing moment was like an engine inducing new opportunities. I started the cycle of color graphics which is close to painting. After some time I wished to embroider the graphics," says the author of the exhibition.

Exhibition works: 22 11 2018  – 13 01 2019