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Date: 8 July 2011 17:00 - 02 September 2011 17:00

M. Žilinskas art gallery, Nepriklausomybės a. 12, Kaunas

frontierSpirit is an international exchange project presenting artists from Germany and Lithuania. The artists participating in this project are: Christiane B. Bethke, Czaja Braatz, Dainius Dapkevičius, Alfred Kaufner, Daumantas Plechavičius, Diana Radavičiūtė, Rita Rohlfing, Aistė Valiūtė ir Saulius Valius.
The exhibition presents various artistic positions ranging from painting, object art to installations.
Christiane B. Bethke
To the artists involved in this project, the notion of frontierSpirit today means the idea of moving and thinking in many directions: breaking up encrusted structures, leaving behind outdated concepts, treading new paths, developing new perspectives…
As a result of exploring the subject of border within the framework of the concept, barbed wire became the material of choice because – like no other material – it symbolizes the erection of borders.
Because of their individual artistic positions, the artists have developed different ideas and concepts to deal with this subject matter. Christiane B. Bethke, for instance, cuts the military wire into countless fragmented little pieces and, by mixing them with soil, turns them into an extensive temporary floor installation, thus making the abolition of borders the subject of her art in an ambiguous fashion.
The notion of border is not only perceived as meaning a demarcation line but rather it is necessary also to track down human, individual and inner barriers. Czaja Braatz uses old rusty barbed wire retrieved from another life and puts it in relation to the finest of gauzes: aggression, vulnerability and protection are the subjects of her work.
Czaja Braatz
In the field of science, borders are constantly being crossed and shifted, both ethically and solely for research purposes. In his objects, Alfred Kaufner works the material glass on the surface in order to manipulate the refraction properties of light. He succeeds in offsetting the flow and the immateriality of glass against the rigidity and mass of the other materials such as stone, metal, wire.
The notion of border also evokes many political and historical associations, which presents Rita Rohlfing.

Exhibition works: 08 07 2011– 02 09 2011