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Exhibition DEVIL'S by Steven Vincent Mitchell

Date: 13 April 2012 17:00 - 18 May 2014 17:00


Devils Museum, V. Putvinskio Str. 64, Kaunas
We are proud to present the unique works of British artist Steven Vincent Mitchell.
A breathtaking spectacle of provocative visions from S. V. Mitchell's 2008 to 2011 international solo exhibitions. The Works presented are a contemporary vision of Mitc'hells mystical nightmarish world that is inhabited by demons, tortured souls and mystical creatures, and where the DEVIL is King.
 S. V. Mitchell in his studio                                                                               S. V. Mitchell "Temple cat"
S. V. Mitchell started his creative path as a tattoo artist, then moved on to painting and sculpting. Working at night, using shamanic rituals, magical invocations and drawing upon his extraordinary life experience he creates his art we see today.
He became famous for paintings created with his special spray technique - using an airbrush.He creates his paintings layer on top of layer, with hidden images in every layer. He says:''We can not touch our dreams, but we can feel and survive them. I do not touch my paintings by hand or brush, to create the true vision of the dream''.
 S. V. Mitchell "Dealer"                                                             S. V. Mitchell "Lord of death Yama"
S. V. Mitchell was born in Bristol, England. Since 1987, he worked as a professional tattoo artist. In 1999 he went to the USA and Canada . There he spent time with Hopi and Navajo / Hopi tribes of native Americans and in Canada, with the Huron tribe, learning their spirituality and traditions. In 2009 he went to the Himalaya region of India McLeod Ganj, the home in exile of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and his Tibetan government. He was invited to a meeting that had been arranged for him with the state oracle of the Tibetan government, from whom he received a special blessing for his work. This was the catalyst for his body of work ''BARDO'', which had it's first European exhibit in Vilnius, Lithuania 2011. At moment S. V. Mitchell lives and creates from studio in Vilnius.
Exhibition works: 13 04 2012 – 18 05 2014