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"The Edge" – the exhibition by Marija Griniuk

Date: 26 February 2015 00:00 - 27 April 2015 00:00


Ceramics Museum, Rotušės Sq. 15, Kaunas

The Edge – the exhibition of art by a Lithuanian artist Marija Griniuk residing in Denmark.

It is a joint project initiated by Kunstahal Aarhus (Denmark) uniting Lithuanian and Danish artists, and it was exhibited in 2014.

The project The Edge implemented by nine artists consists of video, sound and sculpture installation, telling about different traditions of visual expression, alterations and their influence on the environmental processes.

A video production by M. Griniuk has been inspired by the Eastern European animation tradition and its sudden change. The work deals with the conflict between the individual and society with its well-established rules, norms, and the perception of reality, and those who are allowed to gain the status of reality, facts, the regime and the norm.

The project was created by artists M. Griniuk (text, set design, animation, montage), Konstantinas Navasaitis (assist. creating scenography), Johanne Lykke Poulsen, Julie Stavad, Simon Raundahl, Lembcke Andersen (video production sound), Tue Brisson Mosich (video production sound recording, sound track performance), Lars Kramhøft (assist. writing the script in Danish.), Asta Bučienė (assist. writing the script in Lithuanian.).


Exhibition works: 26 02 201527 04 2015