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2019/ 06/ 20

Osvaldas Jablonskis exhibition "My Lithuania"

O. Jablonskis is considered to be a virtuoso of Kaunas Watercolour School. The creative work of the painter is denoted by his own individual and peculiar Jablonskis-style colour world, sensitive compositions, lyricism, all-permeating realism.>>>

2019/ 06/ 20

Exhibition “Identity Signs. Ex-libris by Vincas Kisarauskas’ from Paulius Galaunė collection“

In the exhibition, dedicated to Vincas Kisarauskas’ 85th Birth Anniversary, 30 ex-libris, publications and letters to P. Galaunė are exhibited. It is a small part of Kisarauskas creative legacy, kept in A. and P. Galaunė House. >>>

2019/ 06/ 07


For its 12th edition, the Kaunas Biennial explores the journey as a metaphor for the burgeoning cultural identity of a city with a complex past. >>>

2019/ 06/ 07

Kaunas Biennial: Deimantas Narkevičius video work "Revisiting Solaris"

Narkevičius intercuts the filmed material with photographs taken in 1905 by Lithuanian national painter Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis of the Black Sea, the same spectacle that inspired Tarkovsky’s filmic rendering of the oceanic surface of Solaris. >>

2019/ 06/ 06

Mstislav Dobuzhinsky exhibition “Scenography in Lithuanian Theatre”

The collection was recognized as a documentary heritage of national significance and included into Lithuanian National Memory of the World Register, under the UNESCO programme “The Memory of the World“. >>>

2019/ 05/ 30

Eimutis Markūnas exhibition “The Colour Code of the City. Black”

In the past years, E. Markūnas concentrates on the concept of a city in his work, analyses its’ psycho-geographic map and the tensions within. the artist seeks to know himself, identify with the city, feel like a small particle. >>>

2019/ 05/ 18

„Night Visions: Paintings of the 17th – 20th Century from Mykolas Žilinskas Collection”

These images, inspired by the beauty and mystery of the night, were donated to Lithuania by a famous collector Mykolas Žilinskas (1904-1992). The paintings rarely come to the halls of gallery and some of them are exhibited for the first time. >>>

2019/ 05/ 18

“Whoever is a president? The Presidents of Lithuania and the Institution of Presidency in Lithuania in 1919–1940”

This year, the history of the Institution of Presidency in Lithuania already counts a century. Marking this occasion, an open-air exhibition of archive photographs tells us more about the duties and daily routines of the President.>>>

2019/ 05/ 16

Exhibition „Under the Sign of the Night Heron: the Library of Counts Kossakowski“

The exposition visitors will be able to see such extraordinary exhibits as Kossakowski family tree on silk, the manuscript register of photographs, books, stamps, photographs and films, created by KTU personnel, featuring Kossakowski sketches, drawings.>>

2019/ 05/ 11

Exhibition “In Memory of Paper“

The exhibition introduces J. Janonis paper factory and its community. Authentic stories will be materialized on paper, and the mechanisms of the no longer existing factory will be reconstructed to produce memories. >>>

2019/ 05/ 11

“Arbit Blatas (1908–1999): from Kaunas to New York”

Neemija Arbitblatas is a world-recognised Litvak artist of outstanding talent. The exhibition compiled from the collection stored at Lithuanian Art Museum shows the most important manifestations of genres and themes in the artist's creation. >>>

2019/ 05/ 11

Raminta Ardzevičienė painting exhibition "Colourful Bogs"

By developed individual and instantly recognizable visual language, the artist creates a world of free-flowing naive figures, plants and fairy-tale creatures. >>>

2019/ 03/ 02

The treasure from Laisvės Alėja (Liberty Avenue)

By a happy chance, during the course of excavations necessary for the reconstruction of Laisvės Alėja, the treasure of the rule time of Sigismund Augustus was found. >>>

2019/ 02/ 07

The exhibition "Memory Code: Legacy of the Tillmanns in Kaunas"

This unique cultural heritage represents the interior of Kaunas businessmen of the early 20th century. It is significant from the historical point of view as it reflects the self-awareness, artistic interests, spiritual needs and interests of the hosts. >

2018/ 06/ 07

The exhibition "The Great Gift to Lithuania"

The Exhibition dedicated to the 125th Anniversary of the Collector A. M. Račkus. >>>

2018/ 05/ 10

"The Break of Dawn. Lithuanian Visual Arts prior to 1918"

The break of dawn is the time of feeling that in a few instants all the life is bound to awaken with the power and strength of a brand new day. >>>

2018/ 02/ 15


To get acquainted, to understand and to take pride – this was the slogan of the Historical Presidential Palace at the outset of the 5-year-project “Waiting for the Centennial: the Most Significant Events of the First Republic of Lithuania.” >>>

2017/ 11/ 24

Exhibition-installation-action "BENEFACTORS.LT. History of inter-war art, culture and sponsorship: cross-sections“

The public will get acquainted with facts stimulating to recall historical events when the Lithuanians here and overseas have consolidated for a noble purpose, not in the presence of war, enemy or threat. >>>

2017/ 10/ 17

The exhibition "Back to Light. A story of a fragile work of art"

The M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art presents some of the most valuable and oldest stained-glasses in Lithuania, which were out of the public sight for more than half a century. >>>