"Čiurlionis paintings and prints" permanent exhibition at  M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (V. Putvinskio St. 55) is open to visitors. Due to  the reconstruction of  the museum  the permanent exhibitions: "Early 20th century Lithuanian art", "Lithuanian folk art" and "16 – 19th Century Lithuanian Art" are closed.




2014/ 07/ 11

Exhibition of 17th International Fine Bone China Symposium

After an eight-year hiatus the 17th International Symposium on bone china delights visitors with the artists’ works again. >>>

2014/ 07/ 10

Audronė Dambrauskienė‘s solo exhibition Stone Faces

After a long break, having returned to an active creative life Audronė Dambrauskienė in her solo exhibition presents herself as an artist with a distinctive style. >>>

2014/ 07/ 10

Judita Budriūnaitė‘s exhibition From Lakūnų High-road (Continuing the cycle Break Generation Names)

A fluxus - like approach to art is for J. Budriūnaitė much closer than traditional dramatisation of expressionistic painting >>>

2014/ 07/ 10

Exhibition Partly Cloudy by Almyra Weigel (Germany-Lithuania)

August 8, 5 p.m. a performance "Discernment of a Concealed" together with the Kaunas Dance Theatre Aura will take place >>>

2014/ 07/ 04

On „stage“ come famous ladies from the interwar Kaunas and they are painted by no less famous men...

Halfway through the summer, the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum decided to diversify the exhibition Art Deco Fashion from the collection of a fashion historian, artist and art collector Alexander Vasilyev >>>

2014/ 06/ 19

Algimantas Mikėnas‘ (1929-2006) scenography exhibition "Scene Vortexes"

A. Mikėnas‘ versatile creation suggests inspiration and possibility to admire. >>>

2014/ 05/ 30

Jūratė Pikčilingytė exhibition "Slow Process"

J. Pikčilingytė implies an experimental nature, is very conceptual and super sensitive to the environment. >>>

2014/ 05/ 17

Exhibition “Museum 24/7″

Consequently, the photographs of the exhibition „Museum 24/7“ speak of life at numerous famous museums. >>>

2014/ 05/ 16

Telesforas Valius‘ anniversary graphic exhibition “The Last Morning“

A classic Lithuanian artist and a modernist of the Western world T. Valius (1914-1977) is known in the art history as an ardent promoter of the graphic art, a representative of the illustrative graphics and prints. >>>

2014/ 05/ 01

Traces of World War I in Kaunas

This open-air photographic exhibition is mounted to remember and to remind people about the major shock to humanity 100 years ago – the outbreak of World War I. The exhibition focuses on Kaunas City during the years of war. >>>

2014/ 04/ 24

The exhibition "Venetian Rhythms" by Gianmaria Potenza

G. Potenza is known as sculptor and painter, monumentalist and master of small forms of applied arts. >>>

2014/ 04/ 02

The exhibition “Art Deco Style”

The exhibition from the private collection of Alexandre Vassilev (Paris) is dedicated to the European fashion development in the Interwar period (1918-1939). >>>

2014/ 01/ 31

Aldona Jonuškaitė-Šaltenienė‘s exhibition “The Road...“

Among the exhibits there is a piece of art important for the Lithuanian culture and art history. This is the installation "Feast" (1994-1995) which was awarded in 1998 with the National Culture and Art Prize. >>>

2013/ 07/ 04

Families of Intellectuals in the First Republic of Lithuania (1918–1940)

The focus on the family of intellectuals is first of all due to the virtue of them being the forerunners in all spheres of life. >>>

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2014/ 08/ 08

August 8, 5 p.m. a performance "Discernment of a Concealed"

Exhibition Partly Cloudy by Almyra Weigel (Germany-Lithuania). Picture gallery, (K. Donelaičio st. 16, Kaunas) >>>