"Čiurlionis paintings and prints" permanent exhibition at  M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (V. Putvinskio St. 55) is open to visitors. Due to  the reconstruction of  the museum  the permanent exhibitions: "Early 20th century Lithuanian art", "Lithuanian folk art" and "16 – 19th Century Lithuanian Art" are closed.




2015/ 09/ 04

The first personal exhibition by Andrius Valius "I believe in illussion..."

A. Valius creates in a field of classical tapestry. A traditional textile school is closely related to the folk art tradition and at the same time with the modern art. >>>

2015/ 08/ 13

The exhibition by Auris Radzevičius "Unknown author: painterly objects in process"

The exhibition presents the creation of 25 years. However, this is in no way a retrospective and summarizing exhibition. Instead, it is a documentation of the author‘s creative journey, his wanderings, delirium, etc. >>>

2015/ 08/ 07

The exhibition of Meila Kairiūkštytė-Balkus‘ (1922–2015) creation

Sculptress M. Kairiūkštytė-Balkus’ daughter Daiva Balkus, as her mother’s attorney, has donated a collection of 19 sculptures by Meila Balkus to the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art. >>>

2015/ 08/ 06

Exhibition "The (Un)familiar"

Robert Alda (Poland), Gillian Carson (Scotland), Karen Kipphoff (Canada/Germany) and Rita Marhaug (Norway) come from a variety of backgrounds and work in a variety of media. >>>

2015/ 07/ 16

Sandra Baruzzi‘s exhibition "Enchanting Cities" and Guglielmo Marthyn‘s exhibition "Poetic Universe"

Sandra Baruzzi‘s and Guglielmo Marthyn‘s works can be described as joyful ceramics: easy to comprehend and adventurous to perceive. The authors‘ fantasy becomes tangible, takes a three-dimensional shape. >>>

2015/ 07/ 05

"Allegro to the Country of the Rising Sun" – exhibition of Japanese wood engravings

In the exhibition – unique Japanese engravings of the 19 century, the significance of which is equivalent to the Kabuki theatre, Ikebana art, other exceptional spheres of Japanese culture. >>>

2015/ 07/ 02

The exhibition "Meetings"

The exhibition "Meetings" presents for the first time Dr. Jaunius Gumbas‘ collection which discloses the story of A. Žmuidzinavičius‘ home. >>>

2015/ 06/ 25

Europe on the operation table: World War I in the cartoons of Louis Raemaekers

Exhibition “Europe on the Operation Table: World War I in the Cartoons of Louis Raemaekers” serves as a continuation of the exhibition “Tango with Death”. >>>

2015/ 05/ 16

Exhibition "The Kaunas we lost"

This open-air photographic exhibition takes visitors on a journey through time, to the interwar Kaunas city, the provisional capital of the First Republic of Lithuania about 90 years ago. >>>

2015/ 04/ 17

"Time that has come back "– exhibition of stained glass photos by Eglė Valiūtė

This is the exhibition disclosing the sources of the artist's inspiration, opening the space of structural and stylistic breakthroughs. >>>

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