"Čiurlionis paintings and prints" permanent exhibition at  M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (V. Putvinskio St. 55) is open to visitors. Due to  the reconstruction of  the museum  the permanent exhibitions: "Early 20th century Lithuanian art", "Lithuanian folk art" and "16 – 19th Century Lithuanian Art" are closed.




2014/ 11/ 15

Exhibition "As the centenary had passed..."

Artworks by sculptor Natalija Luščinaitė-Krinickienė (1903–1998) and painter Ramazanas Krinickas (1904–1983). >>>

2014/ 11/ 14

Textile artists say: Stop phubbing!

Kaunas Biennial exhibition "Time Shroud" presents the new Lithuanian textile collection. >>>

2014/ 11/ 07

Exhibition "People Observe Stars" by Antanas Gudaitis

A representative of lyrical expressionism, as A. Gudaitis is titled, is known as a painter whose works, according to the art researchers, combine French rationalism and Lithuanian sensuality. >>>

2014/ 11/ 06

The exhibition "From Unknown to Unknown. World War II Refugees in Lithuania"

The collection of the photos taken by the Zdanauskas family has never been shown before in any environments of photography exhibitions. The pictures record the sufferings of Lithuanian, Polish and Jewish peoples. >>>

2014/ 10/ 01

From Fiords to the Alpine Peaks: European Landscapes from Mykolas Žilinskas (1904–1992) Collection

Visitors will see the most impressive and engaging European landscape paintings collected by an emigrant to West Berlin M. Žilinskas. This is only a small group of paintings from the large collection donated to Lithuania. >>>

2014/ 08/ 07

Living in hope: President Antanas Smetona in exile

This exhibition presents a short, however the most dramatic episode in the President’s life – the forced retreat from Lithuania and the last years (1940–1944) spent in exile. >>>

2013/ 07/ 04

Families of Intellectuals in the First Republic of Lithuania (1918–1940)

The focus on the family of intellectuals is first of all due to the virtue of them being the forerunners in all spheres of life. >>>

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